Piling Repair


Piling Repair


Piling Repair Jacket for Wood Pilings

Repair your rotted pilings quickly and inexpensively with the SnapJacket.  It's the toughest & longest lasting option to preserve, repair, and protect rotted marine pilings.

In addition to its cost effectiveness, SnapJacket’s design makes it very easy to install.

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SnapJacket Piling Repair is:

•  Retro-Fit

• Available in 10, 12, 14, and 16-inch diameters

• 25-year limited warranty

• Easy to Install

• UV resistant

• IR resistant

• 100% recyclable

• 100% free of leaching chemicals

• 100% resistant to wood-boring organisms



Utilizing SnapJacket will restore a completely broken & rotted pilings to beyond its original strength.  By opening up and easily locking back together, using the SnapJacket does not require you to disassemble any portion of the marine structure built on top of the rotted or failing pilings.


Available Up to 16 Inches

Available in 10, 12, 14, and 16-inch diameters, the SnapJacket will fit around most marine piles. It is recommend you choose a piling repair jacket that has at least an inch and a half of annular space all the way around the pile.


25 Year Warranty

Due to the fact that PVC does not wear down in the water, we offer a 25-year warranty on the SnapJacket. The concrete will remain untouched by the elements, effectively fossilizing everything inside of the jacket. Theoretically, this rotted pilings repair jacket should last a lifetime and then some.


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