Vinyl Sheet Piling


Vinyl Sheet Piling


Longevity and Cost-Effective Construction

Building your bulkhead or retaining wall with Tidewall vinyl sheet piling will provide unmatched longevity, increased strength, and extended erosion protection.

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Tidewall Vinyl Sheet Pilings are:

• Easy to Install

• Erosion protection

• Window Grade PVC

• 60-Year Warranty

• Delivered ready to build on arrival

• Available in up to 24 inches of coverage per panel

• UV resistant

• 100% recyclable

• 100% free of leaching chemicals

• 100% resistant to wood-boring organisms


Versatile & Time Proven

Since the mid 1990s, vinyl sheet piling has been a proven product and solution of choice for protecting coastal land from erosion.  Not only is vinyl sheet piling functional in protecting canals, streams, and ponds, it can add value to any waterfront property through its attractive look.  Tidewall can also be effectively used as flood and retaining walls.


Available Up to 24 Inches

Vinyl sheet pilings from Tidewall are handled and installed with relatively light equipment.  Furthermore, with 12 inches, 18, or 24 inches in coverage per panel, installation is fast, saving you time and money in expenses.


Cost Effective

As a significantly lower cost alternatives to concrete, steel, or wood, Tidewall vinyl sheet pilings are the most cost effective solution you will find for a permanent, high quality, and long-lasting bulkhead or flood wall.

Limited 60 Year Warranty

Due to window-grade PVC, UV/IR resistance, and unmatched structural integrity, Tidewal vinyl sheet pilings come with a 60-year warranty.


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